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The International PhD Programme in Applied Psychology: Adaptation and change in contemporary societies is a joint doctoral degree offered by the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (FEPUCP), the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Educational Sciences and Sports-Ramon Llull University Barcelona (FPCEE-URL) and the Department of Psychology at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), with the following areas of research:


  • Human relationships across the lifespan: couple, family, and group
  • Mental health and psychopathology: Challenges of a global and changing society
  • Exclusion: Social (in)justice, conflict and psychological wellbeing
  • Adaptive and maladaptive behaviours related to digital technologies


Programme Organisation: The International PhD. Programme in Applied Psychology corresponds to 180 ECTS credits and has a duration of 3 years (6 semesters).

The student will join a research group and develop a thesis within the framework of one of the research areas described in the programme. Each student will work on his or her thesis with a supervisory team consisting of three supervisors, one from each partner university.

Students enrol in one of the partner universities (“home institution”), where they spend most of their research time. When in FEPUCP, the course will take place on the premises of the Porto Regional Centre – Campus Foz; in FPCEE-URL, this will be at Blanquerna- Campus Cister; at NTU you will be based in the City Centre campus.

During the programme, students must spend 12 months (two semesters) at another partner university: those from URL and UCP at NTU, and those from NTU at UCP and/or at URL. Additionally, students may have a 1-6 months internship at the third university, depending on the needs of their research project.


Language of Instruction: The language used for training, research and communication, as well as for the doctoral thesis manuscript, is English.


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